What Would You Do If...

You knew a child wasn’t going to receive any gifts from Santa or even worse they weren’t going to have a warm place to sleep?

Well, I thought I would share a true story about what I did, when I was confronted with the exact situation and I didn’t have any money to help.

I received an email, from a Yahoo group – known as “Free Cycle” where people offer things they don’t need and ask for things they do need, a couple of weeks before Christmas. The message was from a neighbor of a family who posted that their neighbor needed warm blankets, because they couldn’t afford to heat their home and they listed things the kids needed for Christmas.

The story so touched my heart that I knew I had to find a way to help. I didn’t have any money, but what I did have were some points that had accrued on a credit card that was about to be taken away from me, since I wasn’t able to make the payments. So, I quickly put the points onto a Walmart gift card and sent it to them. It amounted to over $150.00.

It felt sooo good to help that family and I’ve been blessed so many times since. As I think back to that time, with tears in my eyes, I remember the joy I felt in my heart that I found a way to help that family. Helping others always feels soooooooo good! 🙂

Sure, I could have used those points for something for myself, including food, but something told me they needed it more than me and that I would be fine. As you can tell, I’m fine and feeling overwhelmed with joy in my heart remembering how good it felt to help that family.

Helping others is one way that brings a smile to my face, and…

Helping others during the holiday season is always something that brings me great joy. Another is the Joyful Smile a Child Shares on Christmas as they open their gifts. And another thing I love about the Holiday is listening to Christmas Music (I have a huge collection of Christmas Albums)!

And, the thing I like least…

Well, that would be knowing that some kids won’t get the opportunity to open a Christmas Gift.

You can help make sure that doesn’t happen by going here now!SocialMediaImage1

So, when my good friend Rick Beneteau (co-founder of 10 Million Clicks for Peace) told me how I could get a new Double Christmas album for only $9.95 and help Santa buy gifts for kids in need, well, I jumped right in and I’m inviting you to do so too. This is your opportunity to feel those same feelings I felt when I helped that family.

Check it out here – you even to get to hear samples of Jules music (I think you’ll love putting a smile on these kids faces and you’ll love the music too!

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