You are a Miracle

Do you know that you are a Miracle? Have you ever had a bad day and wondered what life was all about? Ever wanted to just quit? If so, watch this video, that shows the miracle of life.

Now consider that what you just saw means that up to 300,000,000 sperm fought their way to meet your mothers egg and only one of them made it. Those sperm go through the vagina, into the cervix then into the uterus before getting to the Fallopian tubes, half of them enter the Fallopian tube with the egg while the other half enter the Fallopian tube that doesn’t contain an egg, leaving only a few thousand sperm heading for the egg. They travel at the rate of 1/10th of an inch per minute and only a handful of the sperm are strong enough to make it to the egg, which can take up to 10 hours. The first sperm to burrow through the egg surface is the winner and no other sperm are able to penetrate the egg once that happens as the egg immediately creates an impenetrable surface.

You are the product of that sperm that made it. You are the miracle of that long and arduous effort to become a human being.

Can you doubt that you are a miracle?

Consider this… That sperm worked very hard to become you, are you willing to recognize the miracle in all of this and the importance of your being here? You are a gift to this world and although we are all one, each of us is a unique and perfect miracle. Remember to love and nurture yourself every day and be grateful for the Miracle of Your Life!


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