The Power of Surrendering

Great things happen when you are willing to surrender, let go of control, trust and have faith that all that you desire is already on it’s way. One of the greatest lessons in my life was the realization that we truly can’t control anything and the sooner we let go of the attempt to control, the faster things will manifest.

Taking Action is Important

Letting go does not mean that you don’t take action. It is important to plan, set goals, and especially to take action. Not just any action though… Take inspired action. Inspired action is that which you are guided to do. I get my best ideas while driving the car, especially when driving across country. I also get great ideas when I am in the shower and yes, even when I’m on the toilet. OMG did I really say that? 🙂 I also, get a lot of great ideas when I take a walk in nature, when I am meditating and even during dream time.

In a previous post, I talked about some of the profound things that happened when I was under some of the worst stress of my life, because I listened for to my inner guidance or intuition. In mentioned that I traveled to Australia while I was in the middle of a financial crisis. While there I was guided to contact a realtor to sell a vacant piece of property that I thought was worth $10k to $15k, instead I ended up receiving a cash price of $78,000. I attribute this to the fact that I was open to trusting the inner guidance I received and secondly I surrendered to what was in my highest good, trusting that all would be well.

How to Surrender

Letting Go, Mindset, Meditation

People frequently asked how to go about surrendering when everything is in chaos. Most of us feel compelled to do something to fix the problem, and yet most of the people I’ve spoken with about this would agree, that the more you try to control things and fix things the worse they get. That’s because those things we do that are attempting to control are the very things that our ego’s come up with, rather than the inspired action, I spoke of earlier.

One of the tricks I use for letting go and surrendering, is sing a song, every time I start obsessing about a problem or obsessing about finding a solution. It’s not just any song though, it is sung to the tune of the popular Winter Holiday Song, “Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow”, except I sing “Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go”. I also place the “Letting Go of Control” somewhere in my work space, so that I see it throughout my work day, and I’m reminded that if I’m obsessing to Let Go and Allow God (the God of Your Understanding).

I’ve also found that taking a break from whatever I am doing is a great way to reset my mind and stop obsessing over things. For me getting out in nature, doing crafts, taking a brisk walk, cooking, drawing Krystagraphs, and dancing are some of my favorite ways to let go, in addition to meditating. The idea is to put your focus on something else. In most cases when I do this I get very profound insights. The key is to make it fun and make it something that will totally distract you from whatever it is that you are feeling a need to control.

Is it Ego or Intuition

If you are wondering how to know the difference between ego and intuition, here are a few simple tips.

The biggest clue for me, is when the idea or insight is not something I would have thought of on my own and in fact seems unrealistic, outlandish, impractical or impossible for me that is always intuition. The more insane the idea seems to be, the more likely it is coming from a higher source.

If I get God Bumps from head to toe, I always know that I’m getting a message from the divine. Pay attention to how you feel as you get various insights. You may get a different sensation than God Bumps, but most everyone gets some feeling withing their body.

Still not sure if it is ego or intuition, try muscle checking or a pendulum, by doing what I refer to as a blind test. Write any messages you have gotten or are wondering about on an index card or piece of paper, making sure that if you are using paper that all pieces of paper are identical in size. Shuffle them up and place them face down on a table, and then muscle check or use a pendulum to check each. To do say, focus you attention on one piece of paper at a time, and make the following statement. The message written on this piece of paper is an intuitive insight for me to follow for my highest good, then do the muscle check or hold the pendulum over the piece of paper. Do each one before looking at what is one the piece of paper.


Whatever answer you get, move forward based on those answers that are from your intuition, with “Faith and Trust”, knowing that whatever happens it is for your highest good. I do admit some times the intuitive answers are not what I would have chosen logically and sometimes they have some tough lessons. What I do know is that those lessons always propel me to the next level.

Please leave your comment and questions in the box below. Remember whatever questions you have probably 10 other people have the same question, so by asking you are helping others.


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