I would like to ask a special favor from everyone who reads this.

On the morning of July 9th, my Oldest Great Nephew, was killed in an auto accident in Michigan. Gregory Liphard was only 26 years old and had served our country in the Marines in two tours of duty in Afghanistan and suffered from PTSD. I ask that you pray for my niece and her husband as well as Greg’s siblings and extended family, as they prepare to lay him to rest.


Your prayers are important to all of us to help us along our journey while healing from this tragic loss.

40 comments to Prayer Request – Gregory

  • Estrada – thank you for your prayers and blessings!

  • Estrada Margarita

    Love and Light!
    Prayers for your nephews family. May the Angels comfort them in there wings.
    God Bless You and your family.

  • Lisa Marie’

    Thank you for your love, and support and I definitely join you inprayer for peace and peaceful transition for everyone!

    Love You Sister Lisa!



  • lisa marie'

    Yes, Continued prayers of ease and release, comfort and understanding of grace in this time. For you, and for the extended family – and really, for all who read this here and now too.
    Krystalya, my sister, you are a light worker, a light filled heart – and I join you in prayer for peace and peaceful transition for everyone.

  • Padma,

    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and prayers. I know that the angels are keeping him well – thanks for the reminder!


  • Satanand,

    Thank you so much for your prayers and heartfelt sympathies.


  • Marie,

    Thank you so much for your prayers!


  • Ariann,

    Thank you sooo much for your prayers and for asking the Elder’s at New Dream Foundation for their prayers for may family as well!


  • Ariann

    I will post this on our Elder Prayer Request site and we will hold the family in our prayers during their time of loss.

  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful message!


  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank You for your love and compassion


  • Marylin Sanchez

    Hi Krystalya:

    Sending you love, light and hugs for you and your family and all those who are mourning the loss of Gregory. I know that Gregory is embraced by the light and that he is there with you all acting as your own private lighthouse shining his beacon of love and light to keep you safe during these hard times, help you through your mourning and to remind you all of how much he loved all of you.

  • Lucan

    Thank you for opening up. Love and compassion be with you now and forever.

  • Marie

    May Gregory rest in peace.
    May all of you who loved him and miss him today find peace and solace.
    May God grace you with his everlasting love.

  • satanand

    Heartfelt sympathies and may the soul rest in peace. I’ll surely pray for this person.Satanand.

  • Dear Gregori’s parents, siblings and all who crossed paths with him,
    I feel that this who pass on take a different form of energy. Gregori would still be around in the realm of eternity. May he and you feel his presence in a benevolent way to add to the courage and joy that he rests in.I pray that the angels keep him weell and let you know that he is well taken care of.
    Loads of love

  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you for sending Reiki energy. I appreciate your loving support.


  • Hi, Krystalya,

    Reiki is on the way for Gregory’s journey home and for all those connected with him on this plane.



  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you for your prayers and loving energy.


  • barbara ward

    May God’s love and light surround each of you, and all those who are mourning the transition of this dear soul, and may you all find the strength and the courage to celebrate a life so valiantly lived.


  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you for your prayers and thoughtful words.


  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you for your kind words.


  • Have prayed for Gregory and his family ! Dear Kryslaya , could clearly see , and feel from your posted photo that he was very loved !
    May he rest in peace !

  • rujuby

    dear krystalia,, may Gregory be embraced by the light, and shine as a beacon.May those who remain here who loved him find peace and solace knowing that he lives on, in the light of love

  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you so very much for your loving prayers.


  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Sending prayers for you to receive the extra financial boost you need.


  • Rebecca

    Even thou I feel my windfall is extremely close, I need the extra boost to get it to me! I need to take some online courses for certifications and continue to home school my son and I wish to help many with my windfall..I just need some prayers that it will manifest quickly. Much gratitude, Rebecca.

  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Sending prayers for completely healing of your brain!


  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Sending prayers your way!


  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'

    Jessica, – Thank you!

  • Helena

    May Divine Light and Love shine on Gregory and his family and give all of you that added bit of strength on this journey.


  • Adrianne

    I ask that my brain be healed so that I can think clearly, have short and long-term remembrance, the ability to concentrate and focus. That my spirit be at peace ( no more negative self talk).

  • jessica

  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'


    Thank you!

  • Zena

    Prayers to you,your family, and your great nephew. May Peace surround you, may Light shine from within, and may your souls be held in Love.

  • Yvonne,

    Thank your for your love and prayers!

  • Krystalya Marie' Krystalya Marie'

    Adam – thank for your prayer for me and my family. I truly appreciate your loving kindness!

  • Yvonne

    My prayers and love sent xo

  • Adam King

    Prayers to you and your family my dear friend.

  • Maria

    To have all ties between myself and past romantic connections be fully severed once and for all, and my true love and I are free to be together.

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