Remembering the Past without Living There!

Many of the people I meet including my clients, are stuck in the things that have passed, sometimes just moments ago, and sometimes decades ago. Does this sound like you? Of course we can’t actually live in the past, but what we can do is continually ruminate about the past. When we do this we end up giving that issue our energy for the moment and over the long haul that lost energy can drain us.

When we are concerned about the future we again are giving our energy to that instead of devoting our energy to be in the present moment. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to plan for the future, which is perfectly fine, instead it means that we can’t control the future, and so making a plan is fine, working toward the plan is fine as well, it’s when we are worrying and fretting about the future that we get into trouble. In other words, we give it our energy.

How many times do you catch yourself thinking or saying, “I should have done”… Or “if only I had only done”… (fill in the blank).

How many times do you catch yourself thinking or saying, “what will happen to me if”… (again fill in the blank).

For years I lived my life bitter and unhappy, being a victim of domestic violence that lead to being beaten and stabbed. I blamed the man that did this to me and I blamed the court system and in particular the judge, who rushed the jury so he could go on vacation, for finding this man “Not Guilty”. I lived in fear every day for several years, because I never knew when the man who had beaten me would come to my house and beat on my picture window. My life was a mess. I used alcohol to kill the fear and pain and I gave him all of my energy.

It took me years to recognize that  I was giving him my energy, that I was living in the past instead of being present within my own life. Once I realized this, I claimed my life back and started learning everything I could to change my life and start living in the moment.

It’s been a long journey and now I am blessed immensely and thrilled that I am able to help others through their journey or healing and claiming their life.

Here are 5 tips for learning to live in the present moment.

  1. Awareness – the first step is to notice that you are focused on and event from the past instead of being focused on the present moment.
  2. Learning – use this as an opportunity to look for the good that has come from that past situation. If you look deeply enough you’ll nearly always find some lesson that you learned from the experience.
  3. Gratitude – be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned from the experience.
  4. Move Into the Present – this is your opportunity to find something in the present moment to focus on. You might notice a flower, a butterfly, a lizard, or something else that grabs your attention. Notice every detail about that particular item. Allow your mind to become laser focused on the beauty of the moment and that which you are focusing your attention on.
  5. Nurture Yourself – One of the best ways to stay in the present moment is to give yourself the gift of nurturing yourself. Find something you love to do and give yourself that gift every day. When you begin to love yourself by nurturing yourself, you’ll find that you focus less on the past and more on the present moment.

Be sure to share your thoughts and insights below on what you do to move yourself out of the past and back to the present moment.

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