Taming Your Trauma Triggers

Esther Miller-CroppedKids love to tell secrets because “the” secret is like a bottle of liquid bubbles needing to be blown into the air, meant to dissipate and not contained for very long.  As adults, many of us have held a secret, not lathered in liquid bubbles but a secret smothered in shame, blame and guilt. That’s the icky secret of sexual abuse and we’ve held it for way too long.

I know this secret-keeping plight because I was a minor girl, being sexually abuse by my clergy, and I kept my mouth tight lipped and constantly worrying about what would happen to me if someone would find out the dark truth about what was happening to my mind, body & soul.

After discovering the pitfalls of being an inventor of self, I soon learned about the strategies, tactics and processes of trying to re-invent myself. I wasn’t seeking to be the intellectual property owner of a “widget,” I was looking to find a way to effectively tell my secret, figure out a solution to healing the toxic effects of sexual abuse and then justify my dysfunctional life of 4 marriages and some 28 job losses.

To no avail, it took me almost 29 years to tell my secret. I wasn’t expecting to become an advocate and have my personal abuse story covered in international media and press events, but it was. I am now learning to use my voice for those victims that silenced their own pain and trauma by committing suicide.

Reinvention has led to figuring out a solution to self-heal my trauma and getting rid of those toxic effects of sexual abuse. The 5 steps/modules, done in this order, are quite essential  in transforming your life:

  1. Mindset matters & brain chatter
  2. Mental Rehearsal
  3. Triggers aren’t your friend
  4. Life Scripting
  5. Disassemble your shame bicycle

Each day’s journey of self-healing is always new and diverse. With the self-healing strategies, tactics & processes, I can overcome hiccups and manage those unmanageable moments when putting into play one of the many healing modalities I’ve gleaned along the way.  Today, there’s nothing to hide; no shame, blame or guilt. I’ve learned to lather up those 3 toxic effects of sexual abuse and spew them into their own type of liquid bubbles. I can now send them into the wind and watch them dissipate, while I step aside and soar!

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A survivor of clergy sexual abuse, Esther Hatfield Miller transformed from victim, to survivor & emerges as a thriver, using a 5-step self-healing system; moving from CHAOS to CALM. Using whimsy, humor & insight Esther mentors victims to do “whoopass healing” on their sexual abuse & trauma to live a powerful, calm & drama-free life!

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