Angels Among Us

A beautiful reader, Geraldine, offered  this poem she wrote and I loved it so much I had to share it. Please feel free to share it freely as our gift to Geraldine!

Angels Among Us

By Geraldine Henein

The hands that give to those in need
The heart that loves in faith and deed
The voice that speaks the truth decrees
These are angels among us.

The common cause to help all those
Whether they be friends or foes
The compassion for all so lovingly grows
These are angels among us.

The forgetting of self to the service to others
The knowledge we are all sisters and brothers
The extra mile is the distance they cover
These are angels among us.

The Christ-like spirit to demonstrate
The limitless love from God so great
The disciple who walks so humble and straight
These are angels among us.

Please leave a comment below to let Geraldine know how much you appreciate her poem too!

3 comments to Angels Among Us

  • Geraldine

    No I don’t mind at all! Please share! From: Geraldine Henein

  • Enjoy and pass it on to others as well. I’m sure Geraldine will be happy to know that she has touched your life by sharing this poem.

  • Carolyn

    Hope you don’t mind if I copy and put on my fridge!

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