An Angel Intervenes...

I recently posted an article about angels that assist us and Cheryl on of my loyal readers, submitted her story of angel intervention. If you enjoy this story, please be sure to comment below.

Angel Intervention by Cheryl…

I was crossing a main road after a lunch break in the city where I live, (in New Zealand) with a garden area dividing the traffic lanes. There were several people bunched in the gap between the gardens waiting to cross to the the other side.

Suddenly, I heard a ‘thumping noise’ that seemed to be getting closer and closer, and louder and louder. I tried to push those ahead of me forward, as I saw a bus roaring towards me after it had suddenly changed lanes! I could feel the ground vibrating!

No one moved!    They Just glared at me!

It was as though I was stuck in place and about to die horribly !!!!!!

I was absolutely terrified, firmly believing that these were my last moments on Earth !!!!!

Then, suddenly, a man’s arm appeared, above the heads of they others, he grabbed my left wrist and yanked me forward away from the path of the bus!

The driver MUST have seen me – was he deliberately trying to kill me?

I looked for the man who had saved my life, once I was safely on the other footpath, but there was no sign of him ! I couldn’t even thank him! No one else saw where he vanished to, and I was convinced that I had been saved by an ‘angel in disguise’  !

None of the others had heard or seen the bus coming for us!

And, this was many years before cellphones were everywhere with folk so busy texting etc, that the sky could fall on them and they”d have no warning of it !

My Mother rang about half an hour after I got back to work worried about me and asking if there was anything wrong. She freaked out when I told her what had happened to me, and how close I had been to death.

I often think about that man and wish I had been able to say ‘Thank You’ at the very least.

I now know to just thank Angels out loud etc, but at that time, I was not aware of Angels in and around me.

How’s this for angelic intervention?

2 comments to An Angel Intervenes…

  • Josie

    I so understand Cheryl knowing that she was helped by an angel. I had encounter that I would like to share sometime. Thank you Josie

  • Vass

    Omg read the story and fur chills! In a good way Indeed Angels can take other forms when assisting us and y found like y had an angelic encounter. ! (; thank you for sharing X

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