How to Channel Your Anger

Fight, Resist, Stop…

No I don’t mean that I want you to do any of those things to channel your anger!!

I can hardly open a browser these days, or my email, without seeing a message suggesting that we need to “Fight” this or “Resist” that or “Stop” this. In most cases I sense Fear, Hatred and Anger. Yes, we want to change the things these emails and articles are talking about, but fighting, anger and hatred is never the answer.

So, today, I want to invite you to consider the idea that “Real Change” comes from Love NOT Fear. If you truly want to see positive changes in your life and  in the “World” the answer is LOVE instead of hate, Forgiveness instead of Blame and Compassion instead of Judgment.

Before I share my thoughts on how to channel anger though, I recommend that you watch the following video, which will give you a very different perspective or way to really consider that we, meaning absolutely NONE of us, are different. The only thing that is different are our  beliefs, our judgments and our perspective.

Today, I invite you to consider another way to solve differences. Rather than fighting, resisting and stopping others, instead I invite you consider that your differences are really just about your perspective versus the other person’s perspective. You were born as an innocent child of pure love, you didn’t start out hating anyone or anything. All of that was taught to you, through your parents prejudices, or teachers belief’s and prejudices as well as your religious leaders. Basically, everyone that you allowed to influence your beliefs have brainwashed you since you were a new born baby. It’s certainly not your fault that you were taught those things, but the good news is you do have the ability to question those beliefs, and prejudices and the power to change them.

Many of us never question those beliefs, we just live life as if they are true and that is where compassion and understanding comes in, when we see people doing things we disagree with.  Now I’m not saying that I support racism, prejudices or any type of hatred. What I am saying is that looking through different eyes, from a different perspective just for a moment, that you have the opportunity to recognize the beliefs that the person has and know that their anger, and hatred does not have to be yours. Instead I suggest that you find ways to address the differences by having open conversations, by listening, reflecting back to the person and asking questions.

When I was a kid, my parents, in particular my father used the N-word, called Polish people Polacks, ( which is considered derogatory in the US yet the word Polak is the actual word for Polish in Poland), called German’s, stubborn and blocked headed, Red heads as having hot headed tempers, Jewish people were greedy smucks or Heeb’s or would “Jew You Down”, Japanese people were Japs, Chinese people were Chinks, people who loved people of the same sex were homos and white people living in less desirable locations were White Trash.

So, I grew up hearing all of those words and many more. I used  them all until I got out into the world and started meeting a variety of people in different situations. For some time  I shunned them. Then, as I started being more open I discovered that they too are humans and probably had labels for me as well.  I allowed myself to be open to our differences and I recognize that those labels were wrong and more importantly hurtful. In fact some of the nicest most loving people I know are labeled with those labels by those who don’t know any better.

The point here is to say that we can all change but that change only happens if we wake up to the reality that the labels we give people are NOT TRUE, but instead come from another persons perspective.

So, how do we change this without harmfully expressing anger and hatred?

  1. Find compassion for yourself
  2. Feel and acknowledge your anger
  3. Recognize the anger as a valid emotion
  4. Recognize that the anger is not serving you or anyone else
  5. Let go of the anger without harming others by yelling (not at another person or yourself and do this in private) if need be, crying or whatever method you need to shatter the emotion and let it go to move on.
  6. Ask yourself is this belief true or just something I’ve heard and taken on as a belief?
  7. Let go of that belief and reframe it to a positive belief
  8. Wrap yourself in love, by intending that the Divine is filling your with love energy

Be Compassionate

The first step is find compassion  for yourself and your anger, then go inward and love yourself, as described above. Once you are kinder to yourself it will become much easier to find compassion and forgiveness for others. So, when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t agree with someone, a situation that makes you angry or you see someone else acting out of anger, take a moment to consider what that person believes, why they believe it, where that belief may have come from and then send them love and compassion instead of anger and hate. You see love is the only way to heal any thing.

Question to Ask Yourself When Offended

Here is a list of questions you might want to ask yourself and if it is safe to do so, you might also want to ask the person expressing their anger and hatred. Remember what they are saying may be offensive to you but they totally believe that they are right and will defend their position.

  1. Where did that belief come from?
  2. What do I find offensive by that statement?
  3. Is what I find offensive really true?

Act From & Send Love

Here’s a simple exercise you can do to open yourself up to greater love and compassion.

  1. Place the palm of your non-dominant hand close to your monitor to Open Your Heart with the Heart Chakra Krystagraph™
  2. Close your eyes and visualize your heart center opening bigger and bigger with each breath that you take.
  3. Gradually see your entire body filled with love
  4. Begin expanding that love filling the room, then the building, the neighborhood and so on.
  5. When you get to water sources, like rivers, lakes and oceans, fill them with the love energy and intend that every creature on earth that drinks or comes in contact with the water is filled with that love.
  6. Now see someone in the distance that is angry or being hateful.
  7. Send them loving energy to magnetize them toward you.
  8. As they come closer to you  see yourself wrapping your arms around them and filling them with love.
  9. Pull back enough to look them in they eye and see the pain deep within them
  10. Tell them that you understand their pain and that you love them.
  11. Continue doing this until you feel complete

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About the Organization and Video Above…

Love Has No Labels

To learn more about the organization that created the video above and to learn some of their strategies for safely ending biases go to:


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  • Anonymous

    Hiya 🙂 .
    It’s a good read. However, may I just draw your attention to the 3rd paragraph under the video where you say ‘people who loved people of the opposite sex were homos’ . That should read ‘the same sex’ ?
    I enjoy your newsletters very much.
    Thank you.
    Love and light,

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