The Importance of Understanding YOU!

ElaineTorranceHow well do you understand yourself?  How often do you check in with your soul when you make a decision?  Do you live your life in accordance with your strengths and talents?  Do you even know what they are?  These may seem like silly questions but the answers hold the key to who you truly are.  Often, you can go through life totally out of touch with what makes you tick….what makes you feel joy…what lights you up.  You may even feel that knowing yourself at the surface level is all you need but are you really giving attention and credence to your own needs and desires based on who you are?

Many tend to underestimate the importance of understanding who you are at the core of your being.  Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is the greatest power of all.  If you don’t understand yourself, how can you understand or appreciate others?  Understanding yourself is the foundational piece to living a life filled with laughter, passion, possibilities, and magic!

When you are out of touch with YOU, you feel scattered, confused, and unsure of yourself.  Time and energy are wasted on activities that aren’t in alignment with who you are.  You stare at yourself in the mirror and don’t even recognize the person staring back at you.  Your identity becomes muddled. Your confidence is shattered and you look for acceptance outside of yourself.  Your happiness becomes contingent upon what others think…how others perceive you.

When you are self-aware, you are confident in who you are.  You know your strengths and your weaknesses.  You understand your likes and dislikes.  You know your core energies and how to utilize them to their potential.  You are able to articulate your desires and what lights you up.  When you are in touch with YOU, you know how to handle yourself in any situation.  You intuitively know what will work for you and what won’t.  You live your life in alignment with feeling good rather than living a life that is unconscious.

Finally, understanding who you are and what you value, your background, history, and culture build and boost your identity.  You build your self-esteem as you learn to appreciate all that makes you, YOU.  This is why I take all my private clients through an intensive process that is the foundational piece to The Goddess Life Method™.  Understanding your core energies, your strengths, what makes you magnificent, ignites the fire within you.  You begin to see yourself as that divine spark that you are and you assume the responsibility for your own life and happiness.  You are empowered to stand in your power and BE the bright light you came here to be! 

Call to Action

 There are many online personality tests that you can take for free and they provide some wonderful insight.  Here is a test that I have taken myself:

 Myers-Briggs Personality Type

 And here is a free test to help identify your strengths.  You have to register to take the assessment and they provide a pdf that you can download and save to your computer:

 Via Character Strength Survey

My coach’s invitation is to take these assessments and read the results.  How well do they resonate with what you already know about yourself?  What insight did they provide for you?  Was there anything you strongly disagreed with? 

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