What Goes Around Comes Around, Really?

Does Your Mindset Support Your Beliefs?

We have a lot of sayings that we repeat through life. Some of them we can easily recognize as beliefs that are creating our reality, while others don’t seem to be creating our reality, at least initially. Sometimes, you have to be willing to look more deeply into your mindset to discover that you are creating your reality based on your unconscious actions related to that mindset. Said another way, it’s the beliefs you are unconcsiously living by that are forming your reality.



Recently, someone asked me… I believe that, what goes around comes around. I help many people in my life, yet when I need help, why is no one there to help? It reminded me of a couple of other similar sayings, such as What you reap so shall you sow and a popular Karmic Debt saying No debt in the universe goes unpaid. 

If you take these statements literally, you might say, I never robbed someone, so why did I get robbed? Yet, if you look at the same thing metaphorically speaking, what I might ask is Where have I been robbing myself of enjoying life? 


Your Beliefs and Sayings Create Your Mindset?

The point is that the simple answer is Mindset. With that being said though, let’s look a little deeper. Using the question I was asked recently about helping others and not receiving help. You’ll need to moved beyond, Why is no one there to help me? 

So, to help you uncover the beliefs affecting your mindset, here are a few questions you might ask yourself, if you were having this experience.

  1. How often do I think to myself…no one is every there to help me when I need it?
  2. Do I believe that I deserve help?
  3. Do I take care of my needs before others or am I not even helping myself?
  4. Do I love myself and am I willing to allow others to help me?
  5. Am I open to receiving help?
  6. Did your mother or some other authority figure in your life continually say… no one is ever there to help me?
  7. Do you have regrets that you didn’t help someone or feel bad because you couldn’t help someone?

These types of questions address the mindset issue of getting help. The next mindset point to look at is What goes around comes around?

Considering that part of your beliefs and mindset you may want to ask these questions.

  1. What other areas in my life show me that this belief is not really true or is not manifesting as true for me?
  2. Do you wonder if this statement is true, why didn/t that robber or murder, etc., get what was coming to them?
  3. Are you only helping others because you belief this or because you freely want to help them?

Is Your Mindset Sabotaging You?

What I mean here is that frequently we allow our mindset and behavior to sabotage us. This might come from our expectations, and even from the energy we put out. Consider these other possible beliefs and mindset issues that could be keeping people from offering you help.

  1. Did you ask for help, or are you expecting people just to offer?
  2. Do you believe you can only ask people whom you have helped?
  3. Do you have expectations that people do things a particular way, causing them to be afraid that they can’t meet your expectations?
  4. Have people helped you, when you haven’t really noticed/acknowledged that help? Such as the person who held the door for you or allowed you to move in front of them in heavy traffic.
  5. Are you grateful for the help you do receive?

Steps to Change Your Mindset


If you want to reap the harvest of your desires you must change your mindset.

  1. Recognize and acknowledge your part in creating this reality.
  2. Dig deeper to find the core belief. For instance the corebelief to No One Ever Helps You, might be I am not worthy of receiving help.
  3. Write down the new beliefs.
  4. Add beliefs to bridge from your core beliefs  to your  desired new beliefs.
  5. Visualize uprooting the old beliefs.
  6. Install the new beliefs.
  7. Visualize the results by seeing yourself receiving help from everyone you encounter.




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8 comments to What Goes Around Comes Around, Really?

  • Giselle,

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to send you love, and heal that within me that you are reflecting.


  • Giselle,

    Happy to hear you still love life, that’s better than many people, who never learn how to truly enjoy life. Enjoy the book. You are a shining example to those who never learned to love life.

    Love & Hugs,


  • Giselle,

    All is in perfect timing. I’m sure you have paid, just like all of us. Sounds like you paid pretty early by losing the love of your life 73 years ago and being a widow for 28 years.

    Be well,


  • Gisselle,

    My book is an electronic book, not a printed book. My support person will reach out to you to determine how to resolve this misunderstanding. Sending you loads of love and healing. Sometimes sharing can help us. Also, anything you share is a reflection of something within me that needs to be healed, so I will be looking at those issues as well, using Krystagraphs and Ho’Oponpono to clear. Much love and blessings to you.


  • Sorry, I shoudn’t have bothered with my troubles, I will live through them.

  • Yes, my mindset is sabotaging me and excited I look forward to your book! I don’t pity myself. I still love life, even at my age.

  • Yes, sorry that I missed the point. Yes, I believe, that you have to pay for everything in your life. I am jut paying a little late.

  • Dear Krystalya,
    I just bought your book and are so glad to receive a genuine book I can read in the evening in my comfortable chair instead of staring into the blue light of the computer. I am sure it is just what I need in my situation, stuck and not knowing what to do next. I wrote three books about my adventuress life and don’t have my never ending energy any more, being diagnosed with kidney failure with a diet that robbed ten pounds and muscle from the body of a slim petite. I am 95 years old and, in telling my age, enjoy when people laugh, asking me, if I really want to make it this far. I had three husbands, the first died during the escape of the German Black Sea-fleet down the Danube and bled to death in my arms. I love him now for 73 years. My second marriage failed while any conversation between us died, but I have a now 66 years old son, living in California. During my divorce I fell in love with this gorgeous man who married me against the rules of ‘another world’, made me happy and immigrated with me to Canada.
    Against the ridicule of family and friends and due to people I needed, I got everything I longed for. And… lost it all due to wrong investments, living in a rented apartment close to my best friend: my daughter in law, the former wife of my son. I am a widow for 28 years.
    Thank you Krystalya, for listening to me, it felt so good
    and I send you lots of love and my highest respect.

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