Learning to Let Go of Guilt & Regrets

Do guilt, shame and regrets rule your life? Most of us are brought up being told that we are bad, not good enough, worthless, useless and we grow to believe these things about ourselves. As we grow up and become adults, these beliefs continue to manifest in our lives, as we condemn our actions. Yet the truth is most of the things we judge ourselves for, the things we feel guilty about are no where near as big as we have built them up to be in our minds. Many years ago, I was sharing with a friend how guilty …CONTINUE READING HERE: Learning to Let Go of Guilt & Regrets

Taming Your Trauma Triggers

Kids love to tell secrets because “the” secret is like a bottle of liquid bubbles needing to be blown into the air, meant to dissipate and not contained for very long. As adults, many of us have held a secret, not lathered in liquid bubbles but a secret smothered in shame, blame and guilt. That’s the icky secret of sexual abuse and we’ve held it for way too long. I know this secret-keeping plight because I was a minor girl, being sexually abuse by my clergy, and I kept my mouth tight lipped and constantly worrying about what would happen …CONTINUE READING HERE: Taming Your Trauma Triggers