Message from An Archangel

If you dread the holiday gatherings or are finding that negativity seems to be coming at you from every direction, Archangel Michael has a special message for you. The following message has been channeled and was not edited other than for typos, since my channeling work is done by giving my hands to the messenger and allowing them to type through my body. I found this method allows me to type what is coming through with less influence from my earthly experience.

While sitting with the Krystagraph™ below, which I was guided to call Message from Michael, I posed the following question of Archangel Michael.

What is the best way to shield ourselves from negativity?

First of all the important thing to remember is not to focus your attention on the news and even the conversations at the water cooler, that are all focused on the negative activity going on in the world. You must stay in tune with what is going on, no doubt,but it is just as important if not more important for you to stay clear of most of the news and the water cooler discussions.

Remember that you will create more negativity the more you focus on the negativity going on around you.

The second step is to place through intention a bubble of positive love energy around you at all times, that protects you from the negativity. Just by using the Chakra Opening Krystagraph™ that has been have given to Krystalya to share with the world, you will automatically be putting a golden layer of protection around you. The thing is that you will only have that layer around you, until something that triggers you shuts it down. So, being vigilant about what you allow into your consciousness is highly necessary.

The third thing that will work extremely well in keeping you more positive and shielding you from negative energy is to meditate as follows at least once and preferably twice per day.

Open and balance your chakras, then open your heart center by drawing in green light into the center of your chest and connecting it to the higher source energy by seeing intending that is is connected to source between the top of your head and the center of your heart.

Make the ball of green light larger and larger with each breathe. As you do it will eventually expand beyond your body. Use that energy to fill the room, the building the yard, the neighborhood, the city, etc., expanding until it is bigger than the planet itself, so that the entire planet is encompassed in a beautiful ball of love energy.

Then visualize each encounter you have with another individual as loving and peace filled. Full of laughter and joy. See each person touched by the love energy expanding their love field as well and connecting with others in the same way. As you do this, and focus your energy on positivity, love and peace you will discover less negativity around you and around the world.

The fourth step for not only protecting yourself from negativity but also changing negativity energy into positive energy is to visualize the person you feel is the most negative person you have meet or come into contact with or learned about today, and see them in the distance. As you do, transmit waves of love energy to them, surrounding them in the green love energy. Magnetize them to you as you are transmitting the love energy toward them, and as they come closer tell them that you love them and thank them for lowering their vibration so that you could learn to love all beings no matter how negative they may seem. If you feel comfortable and safe with the  love energy of source surrounding you, embrace that person in a hug and fill them with the love from source.

Pick a new person each day to embrace with the lave of source. and watch the negative energy as it transmutes into pure love energy within your circle of influence initially and gradually seeing the circle becoming bigger and bigger.

Remember that Love is Always the answer and that Love Heals All!

Message from Michael Krystagraph™

This Krystagraph™ is one of those that I feel belongs to the entire world and cannot be shared only with those who purchase it. It is a tool to help humanity connect with Archangel Michael and to easily receive messages of hope and positivity from him. To use it, open and balance your Chakras, and then hold the Krystagraph™ against the skin of your non-dominant hand as you ask for guidance from Archangel Michael, by posing a question, just as I did above. Then write out the message or listen to the message that you receive.

Share any messages from Michael that you think would be helpful to others, in the comments box below. You never know which reader needs to hear the message besides you.

Message from Archangel Michael

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