Is there Power in Fighting for What We Believe In?

I chose the word “Fighting” in the title above very specifically. I believe it is important to stand-up for what we believe in and to work toward creating a more loving and positive world to live in. I believe it’s important for us to respect Mother Earth and our environment, and our resources for generations to come. With that being said, I also believe that it’s important to look carefully at how we go about doing this work we are here to do.

Since the Presidential Election, I have seen more hatred and anger than I am accustomed to seeing in the world around me. I get emails that say “Bernie just EVISCERATED Trump’s cabinet nominee” and “How to Fight Trump’s Racist Immigration Policies”. These are just a sampling that say to me…

Yes, I want to be sure our country stops racism and yes I want to see us have a Trump cabinet that represents real wisdom for creating a more Peaceful, Loving world, that cares about all people and our environment and not just the few wealthy people. But Fighting is Never the answer nor is Eviscerating Donald Trump or anyone else.

I hear “Light Workers”, who are now angry, instead of acting from a place of Peace and Love and looking for long-term solutions.

There’s a saying “What we Resist Persists” and another saying “History Repeats Itself”. Those sayings are clear guiding posts for how I live my life. In other words, as I go to take an action I ask the following questions.

  1. Am I pushing against something?
  2. Am I doing the same thing just in a new form, in an attempt to get a different result?
  3. Am I coming from a place of “Control” or a place of “Inspiration”

If I want things to stay the way they have always been then I do what I have always done. It is also said that the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. In my opinion we have all (well most of us) gone insane. We keep fighting and eviscerating instead of looking for new answers and new ways.

There are different answers if only we take the time to look for them, listen to our hearts instead of our heads, for the answers and then take Inspired Action, instead of trying to control things and change them by fighting and force.

Here’s an example:

I constantly see messages about Stopping Monsanto and requiring them to Label GMO food. I would love to see Monsanto required to label GMO food, and realistically that isn’t all that likely to happen the way we are going about things. Monsanto has a lot of money to fight, while our “Grass Roots” groups of people do not, and Monsanto knows that. If we took a step back and instead stopped fighting Monsanto, stopped asking them to Label GMO food, we would have a better chance of success. I know, I know now you probably think I’ve lost my mind… Please stick with me on this.

If instead the grass roots groups created programs to incentivize the companies with products that do not have GMO’s and we created programs that taught people about the dangers of GMO food we would be far more likely to shut down Monsanto because people would stopped buying food that wasn’t labeled Non-GMO. You see the only people that stand to gain from the labeling are the people who consume the food and the people who have Non-GMO food to offer. Monsanto doesn’t want to lose, it’s as simple as that.

If we want to stop Big Oil companies and prevent Oil spills, support Solar Energy, and energy efficient cars, etc., so that we put the Big Oil companies out of business, don’t use oil, they won’t need to keep pumping it. The same with Nuclear Power Plants. Find solutions, and support the solutions instead of allowing them to distract us from what we want, which is Clean Air, Clean Water, and a planet that supports us, because we treat her with the love and respect she deserves.

If we want to stop discrimination than it’s time we love everyone, including our new President. We don’t have to agree with him or support what we don’t agree with, but by sending him love we are far more likely to get better results than if we fight against him, because he will immediately resist us.

As a “Certified Ho’Oponopono Practitioner”, I’ve learned that by healing that which is inside of me that is reflected to me by the outside world, I will have a much more powerful effect for helping than if I think I need to heal or fix the other person, because they are only a reflection for me to heal that which is being shown to me that is within me.

In so doing, I am far more likely to be inspired to do things differently and therefore change what is happening around me. This simple prayer of I love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, when repeated with the right intention to clean that which is in ourselves, has profound results.

Daily meditation, while you connect with the Divine is another very powerful way to get Inspirational Guidance.

I encourage each of you to consider looking inside and healing that which is in you, every time someone or something triggers you. I have found that the more you do these simple steps, the more they become second nature, so that you make them so natural that they become the same as breathing.

I’ve created a Ho’Oponopono subliminal recording that you can download for free by going here. You can play this quietly in the background 24 X 7 to create an environment of love and peace and cleaning of anything negative that comes into your life. Click here to get your copy!

If you feel inspired and have suggestions for how we might make positive changes in the world, I invite you to share them in the comment box below. You never know who may read your idea and want to join you in making the world a better place.

Together we can make the world a better place, where “Everyone Matters”, “Everyone is Loved”, Everyone is Honored for The Gifts They Have to Offer the World”, and where we live in Peace and Harmony with Each Other and in Balance with Mother Earth. 

2 comments to Is there Power in Fighting for What We Believe In?

  • Azna… You are so right. What we each have to remember is to not allow ourselves to get caught up in the fight and hatred. We are growing in numbers and more and more of the light workers are getting it and we are all a work in process and doing the best we can do. The real trick is to notice as quickly as possible when we slip and get caught up in the negativity, the fighting and the resistance. Then once we notice slip back to our peaceful state without beating ourselves up, just noticing, surrendering and loving first ourselves and then the other person or people. Thanks for your comment.

  • Azna Vishwa Dharini

    You are right. Mother Teresa said she would never participate in an “Anti-War” rally but she would participate in a Pro-Peace rally. Yes, what we resist, persists. Love is the answer. There is this social justice organization that tried very hard to get a certain candidate elected. They did not succeed because they told millions of their followers to be “against” that candidate, with the result that the candidate they were against, won. The Universe cannot process a negative and I wish that this social justice organization would get the Law of Attraction. So many of us light workers are also guilty of immediately criticizing people, circumstances, political parties, etc. whenever we read something that is not to our liking. If we sent love to all the people in the world, including those who commit murder, torture, rape, etc., then perhaps that will begin the healing of the planet. Hatred will never cause a transformation.

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