What Your Chakras Can Unveil About Your Health

Having your chakras (energy centers) open and balanced with the energy flowing is key to your overall health. Yet few people are aware of the fact that the condition of their chakras has a direct coorelation to their health. Are you aware, that by knowing whether an energy center is open or closed, weak or strong, you can get real insights about your health, even before you have a health challenge?

Many people are aware of the connection between their chakras and specific health problems, but by the time you have a health problem you will have to work to get healthy again. But what if you could learn to tune into your bodies energy before you became unhealthy by opening and balancing your energy centers so that you can stay healthy. Would that be something you’d want to know about?

It’s easy to tell if a chakra is shutdown if you have started to manifest emotional or physical challenges in your life that are related to the shut down center. For example if you are having lower back problems, the chances are that your root chakra is shutdown. If you have laryngitis it’s easy to tell that your throat chakra is shutdown. My bet is that most of us though would prefer to stay healthy and there are simple things you can do as a front line defense by learning how to check your energy centers and then being able to quickly, in about 20 seconds, tune them up.

Your chakras and where they are located

  1. Root – located at the base of your spine
  2. Sacral – located 2 finger widths below your belly button
  3. Solar Plexus – in the soft spot just below the lower tip of your breast bone
  4. Heart – in the center of your chest
  5. Throat – in the soft spot at the top of your breast bone
  6. Third Eye – in the center of your forehead
  7. Crown – in the top of your head where the soft spot was when you were a baby

Using self applied kinesiology (aka muscle checking) is a very simple way to determine if one or more of your energy centers are shutdown or not. You can check all 7 of the major energy centers in less than 2 minutes as follows: Quiet your mind by closing your eyes and being still for a moment or two. Once you have quieted your mind, focus your attention on the area within the body that you are checking and make the following statement. My _______ chakra is totally and completely opened and balanced. Then muscle check (you can learn more about muscle checking by registering for my newsletter) the answer, if it is weak than that chakra needs a tuneup and if it is strong that’s great.

Opening and Balancing Your Chakras

chakraTo open and balance your chakras it’s as simple as holding the palm of your non-dominate hand over the Krystagraph below for 20 seconds. You do not have to touch the screen to be able to receive the effect. When you subscriber to my newsletter you will receive a copy of this Krystagraph as well as others in printable format.


Keeping Your Chakras Opened & Balanced

Opening and balancing your energy centers is only part of the equation. Those centers that are shutdown are giving you an insight to what could become a problem if you don’t address it. If you continue to use the symbol and do nothing else, you will likely begin to notice and experience those things that caused you to shut down to begin with. We shut down our energy as we experience unpleasant things in our lives. As we keep our energy centers opened, those things that need to be healed within us show up for us to start the healing process. If we ignore them, the energy center will continue to shutdown and in most cases eventually the person gives up and stops opening their energy centers because they are not seeing a change. So, for full effect you’ll want to learn how to recognize and start clearing those issues that are keeping you stuck.

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2 comments to What Your Chakras Can Unveil About Your Health

  • Vass, I would highly recommend that you delve deeper into your underlying beliefs at the root level about being supported and about being able to support yourself. The root chakra symbol can also help immensely with shifting this and opening you to uncover those core beliefs. You can find the root chakra symbol in one of the issues of my newsletter as well as my book, Power Symbols for Balanced Energy and deeper work in both my Art of Healing and my Prosperity Programs, where I delve into the work at a whole new level to help you to heal a move beyond the beliefs that are currently keeping you stuck. Let me know if you have any other questions. Love, Krystalya

  • Vass

    Hi thanks so much . I had reiki healing and undertake chakra cleansing over the years however although I feel some shorts I’m still not open especially with root chakra .

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