What Would You Do?

You have a friend who is one of the most generous caring people you know on the entire planet. He has come on some very tough times, while doing his good work and is now behind on his rent, and utilities and hasn’t got enough money to buy groceries. He also doesn’t have any transportation and doesn’t live nearby any stores, so he has to depend on friends to take him anywhere he goes. Between you and I, he’s been eating flour and water bread for weeks as his only food.

I’ve researched the government help available and he would have to travel 40 minutes (roundtrip), several times before he would get any help. He’s working on this, but it will take several months before that can be put into place.

Here’s what I decided to do and I’m begging you to help me on this.

You can purchase any of my products listed below (already reduced to the lowest price I every offer) and take an additional 20% off by using this coupon code “HELPINGHAND” and I will give him 50% of every sale that comes in between now and July 6th.

Some People eMailed me that they Miss Out because the Coupon Expired, So…

The 20% Off Sale & Help For My Friend  is Now Extended
Until Midnight US Pacific Time on July 11, 2016!  

Remember take an additional 20% off of these already reduced
prices by entering coupon code “HELPINGHAND” during Checkout
(lower right corner) – 20% discount good until July 6th.
thru July 11th, midnight US Pacific Time!

4 comments to What Would You Do?

  • Thanks for the suggestions. All great ideas.

  • Thanks, I truly don’t want someone else stretching to the point of hurting themselves. I will be adding a donate button to the page, but please only donate if you truly can afford to do so.

  • Ms. Sam Azna

    I know your friend will get through this. It is very kind and generous of you to want to help. Why don’t you ask other JV partners of yours who are in the self development field to also help? Also, why not go to indiegogo, gofundme, or another fund raising website? Start a fund raising campaign for this person and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars can be raised. Blast your appeal for help on all social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Go to online real estate professionals such as Sean Terry, Jerry Norton, Rob Swanson, Than Merrill and ask all of them to help. Sean Terry is one of the most caring RE professionals online and (gasp), he believes in GOD!!! What an awesome person. Good luck. If you start a fund raising campaign on gofundme or another website, please send an email blast to your list and I will surely contribute whatever amount I can even though I am unemployed and have zero income of my own.

  • tammu

    Although i cannot purchase your bundle, due to extreme financial circumstances.
    Im a single mum in the very same circumstances over here in the uk.
    I wouldnt like anyone to suffer this way and would like to make a small donation.
    It wouldnt be very much but i would love to know i can help in some small meaningful way.
    Please could you let me know how to donate.

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