What Would You Do?

You have a friend who is one of the most generous caring people you know on the entire planet. He has come on some very tough times, while doing his good work and is now behind on his rent, and utilities and hasn’t got enough money to buy groceries. He also doesn’t have any transportation and doesn’t live nearby any stores, so he has to depend on friends to take him anywhere he goes. Between you and I, he’s been eating flour and water bread for weeks as his only food. I’ve researched the government help available and he would …CONTINUE READING HERE: What Would You Do?

The Joy of Giving

Giving is not just about the person receiving the gift, it as much about the joy the giver feels. Sometime back I went to an event and the speaker told us that we were not allowed to say anything but “Thank You”, when someone gave us a compliment. You see most of us feel obligated to say something nice back to the person, and yet by doing so you are minimizing their gift to you. You are taking away the joy they will receive by giving to you and seeing you receive that gift. It really struck me and opened …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Joy of Giving