Inside the Medicine Bag: Tools for Awakening Consciousness

Abbreviated Excerpt from Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag: A Transformational Guide for Living, Happy, Joyous and Free By Lee McCormick and Mary Falkner, co-authors of Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag by two seasoned experts, Lee McCormick and Mary Falkner, is a guide for finding the way back to one’s personal truth, authenticity and purpose by shedding the stories that we tell ourselves about our own lives–-using heart-opening methodologies.     Exercise1—Exploring Your HopesandDreams Write in a journal and share your answers: What do I long for? What does it feel like? What about life hooks my imagination? What …CONTINUE READING HERE: Inside the Medicine Bag: Tools for Awakening Consciousness

Halt Emotional Eating

Emotional eating does not start at birth! Babies eat because they are hungry: they eat as much as they want and stop when they’ve had enough. Food is used for physical hunger, as well as for pleasure. For emotional eaters like me, however, I soon learned to use food for other reasons. What about you? Do you use food: ▪ To diminish emotional or physical pain? ▪ To fill up an inner emptiness? ▪ To procrastinate instead of being on task? ▪ To ease boredom? ▪ To calm anxiety or stress? ▪ To stay awake when feeling tired or drained? …CONTINUE READING HERE: Halt Emotional Eating