Committed to Your Goals?

Take a lesson or two from nature as you watch the creativity, focused commitment and Never Give Up Attitude of this Honey Badger. So, often most of us aren’t willing to stick to what we have committed to and we give up. If we were to stick to our commitments and do whatever it takes like this little guy, imagine how much we could improve our lives and our world. Here’s my challenge to you, make a commitment in the comments box below of something you are willing to do to make your life, or the life of someone else …CONTINUE READING HERE: Committed to Your Goals?

Focused Intention & Energy Healing

Focused Intention is a Key to Successful Energy Healing In today’s electronic world, many of us are so attached to outside sources that we allow those distractions to take our attention away from what is truly important to us. Worse yet, many of the distractions we get caught up in come from all of the negativity going on around us. We are constantly bombarded with news flashes about mass murders, damage by floods, tornadoes and more, all of which quickly capture our attention. It’s no wonder when we are trying to make changes, using energy healing in our lives that …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Role of Focused Intention in Energy Healing