Getting Unstuck

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t making the changes that you know you want and need to do to change your health, relationships, financial situation and more? I’m often asked… “I know what I need to do for my health and higher good but don’t do it. How do I change this?” Most of us have patterns like this that we never seem to break. Awareness of the pattern is key and a good start for making real changes in your life. Here are a few simple tips to help you move forward and change the pattern of not …CONTINUE READING HERE: Getting Unstuck

Are You Sick & Tired?

How often have you said, I’m sick and tired of…? Frequently people say to me… I feel sick and tired every day and it is difficult to stay positive when I am physically ill. What can I do? Many of you may not like this answer, but then I’m not out for a popularity contest here. It seems that from what I have learned that the more we focus on what is wrong with us, the more what is wrong with us affects us. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be stopped, by changing our focus. I recently read …CONTINUE READING HERE: Are You Sick & Tired?

The Power of the Mind for Healing Oneself

I joined Steve Toth and his co-hosts, Jamie and Rosie as we talked about the How to Use the Power of the Mind to Heal Ourselves. I think you’ll enjoy our discussion and will find some valuable insights that each of us shared. This show was produced by Steve Toth and Conscious Evolution Media, visit their site for more great shows and check out their YouTube Channel here! Please share your thoughts about the power of the mind for self-healing, in the comments area below. Your thoughts may be just the perfect message someone else reading this may need to …CONTINUE READING HERE: The Power of the Mind for Healing Oneself

Are you using Powerful Affirmations?

When it comes to feeding my mind I like giving it the best possible food I can. Now in this context I’m talking about the information I feed my mind. I’m so fussy about what goes into my brain, I rarely ever read the news or know what is going on in the world. I find that most of what we hear in the news or on TV tends to be focused on the bad things that happen in the world and violence. I have friends who call me and update me, when they feel there is something going on …CONTINUE READING HERE: Are Your Affirmations Getting You the Results You Want?

Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

Are your affirmations working for you? Most people who do affirmations regularly, don’t actually get the results that they are wanting and for many they give up. I remember a time in my life that affirmations didn’t work for me. I studied the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking. I created positive affirmations. I said my affirmations at least once per day, while looking into the mirror, because that is what I had learned was supposed to work. Yes, I saw minor changes happen in my life, but the effect certainly wasn’t what I was anticipating, …CONTINUE READING HERE: Affirmations Not Working for YOU?

Achieving Your Goals

At the first of every year many people set goals. In most cases they set goals for what they want to achieve in the next 12 months. They then jump in feet first and go for all of them at once. Within a week or two most people have stopped all of their activities toward those goals and are right back where they started last year and the year before and the year before… You know what I mean. According to statistics 45% of people make New Years resolutions while only 8% are successful at achieving them. Here are a …CONTINUE READING HERE: Achieving Your Goals

Struggle, Strife, and the Stinkin' Thinkin' that Often Causes It

How much stinkin’ thinkin’ have you been up to lately? You know what I mean . . . Complaining about the lemons the Universe seems to have sent to you recently, Having an interaction with someone that didn’t go the way you were expecting and obsessing or gossiping about how “wrong” the other person is, Getting all caught up in how you feel victimized by “the system” – whether that be government, your job, or something else, Immediately jumping to conclusions about why someone said or did something that contains a negative opinion about the action or the person, or …CONTINUE READING HERE: Struggle, Strife, and the Stinkin’ Thinkin’ that Often Causes It

What's More Important Than...

In my opinion the top three most important things in life are Love, Health and Happiness. To me without those three things life is a struggle. Yet many people live their entire life looking for love and happiness in all the wrong places and according to the Center for Disease Control in the United States about 50% of our population have one or more chronic diseases and 8% on average are depressed. When I think of health and what most experts recommend, I regularly hear about the importance of eating nutritious meals and exercising regularly. I agree that those two …CONTINUE READING HERE: What’s More Important Than…

Right, Wrong or Perspective

In my opinion there is no right, there is no wrong, there is only the perspective of each and everyone of us… Over the years, I have changed my mind about things that I felt strongly were “Right” and somethings that I felt were totally “Wrong”. I’ve found that all of my beliefs are based on how I was brought up and what I was taught. Our beliefs are based on what our parents, teachers, and society teaches. For a while I didn’t question those beliefs, but there were a few things that put me on this quest of wondering …CONTINUE READING HERE: Right, Wrong or Perspective

Brain Wave Training

Often I am asked: how do I know if it works for people? Is it a subjective-only result? This is a question only asked prior to people actually using the protocols, for after using them, especially for any dedicated time with consistency – they know. Brain Training works, it is well researched and documented in universities and medical studies across the world. And these results are evidenced scientifically by EEG machines. So when I create a product that stimulates the brain, I can physically measure its effectiveness. I literally have people come into my office and strap EEG machines onto …CONTINUE READING HERE: Brain Wave Training