An Accident Turned Blessing

Sometimes what might seem to be a tragedy can turn into a blessing. Before I explain, let me give you a little background. I professionally house sit. That means that I exchange services for a free place to live, giving me the opportunity to experience a variety of places to live.

My current house sitting situation requires that I keep the gutters clean of debris, which requires that I climb a ladder to clean them out, or use a leaf blower. I’m under 5′ tall and weight around 105 lbs, so the leaf blower isn’t a great option, with the air blowing threw it at 240 mph, so I opted to clean the gutters from a ladder in between hiring a landscaping service to do them as well. So, a couple of weeks ago, I had the landscaper out on Monday and by Wednesday the gutter were full and we were about to have several days of rain. So, I decided that I had to clear the gutters even though they had just been done 2 days earlier.

As I finished the last climb on the first section of gutter that was really full, I was descending the ladder steps as I suddenly felt the ladder shift. I don’t recall what happened next, as it happened so quickly. I suspect that I panicked as the ladder shifted and thinking that I was closer to the ground that I actually was, I believe I jumped from the ladder. I landed on my butt on the concrete driveway. The pain in my butt, back and my right wrist was very severe. I remember initially wondering if I was going to be able to get off the ground on my own.

I was there alone and the closest neighbor that might have seen me, is never home and so, after sitting for a several minutes, I finally got myself off the ground and into the house, I could barely walk. Blessing number one, I was able to get myself up and walk. I started energy work immediately and got a couple of ice packs for the swelling. I heal quickly usually, so I assumed that I could take care of this too.

My initial reaction was to start beating myself up for getting on the ladder without anyone around to help. Then why did I have to be so concerned about the gutter and who was I trying to please, etc. Yes, I do that too. I just don’t do it for as long as I used to do it. I’m down from weeks to minutes for the most part. No matter what though it is important to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and not to just sweep it under the rug, so to speak. As each thing popped into my head I looked at it, allowed myself to feel it and then I released it. Since my symbols weren’t readily available, I visualized them as I did the healing work.

About 20 minutes later when I looked at my wrist I realized that it was likely that it was broken. I drive a 5-speed car, and it was my right wrist that was injured so after wrapping my wrist, I realized that I was unable to shift the gears. So, I had to chose whether to use the home owners car or call an ambulance. I am not into drama and an ambulance just seemed a bit over the top, so, I borrowed the car and headed to the Emergency Room. Blessing number two, their car is an automatic and they left the keys.

As I was driving to the hospital and after I arrived there, I continued my healing work.

Once I got through the negative feelings and judgments I started talking to my back, my butt and my wrist and asked them questions about what message they each had for me. I find it very beneficial to talk to any pain, injury or illness.

My back kept saying stop making me carry so much of a load. I took that to mean, stop trying to do everything myself and stop trying to please everyone. The message my sore butt gave me was similar but more focused on it’s ok to sit around sometimes and just enjoy yourself, instead of always doing. The wrist though was trickier, it said that I needed to love it more and stop expecting it to do all the heavy lifting. As I heard each message I continued a conversation to find out more until I felt that I had a good grasp on what the issues were and more importantly what I needed to do to heal.

After X-Rays and examination, it was unclear as to whether the wrist was broken or not, and so they double splinted it because there was one area of concern that looked as though it had a possible break and told me to see a Doctor in a week, once the swelling had gone down some.

I continued talking to my wrist and the other areas of my body as I sent healing energy to each area.  I also surrounded my wrist with a ball of golden light with the intention that my wrist was getting stronger, healthier and more flexible with each breathe I take and with each beat of my heart.

Once I got home, and rested for a while, I began researching through my three favorite books on the psychological and emotional causes of illnesses / injuries. See images of each of them and links to them on Amazon below.

The general themes were:

Buttocks: Represents Power or Loss of Your Power

Back (Lower):  Fear of Money and Lack of financial support

Wrist: Represents Movement and Ease

Sprain: Anger and Resistance.

These are general statements that I used from the Louise Hay book, “Heal Your Body”. I then use the Christiane Beerlandt book, “The Key to Self-Liberation” for much more detail and thought provoking things to ponder. Then finally I refer to Evette Rose’s book “Metaphysical Anatomy” which provides the emotional association and gives specific questions to consider. I like using all three because they cover different aspects and although similar the different viewpoints frequently bring me to a different point to consider. I have to admit, it is much easier helping someone else than myself, as it seems to always be easier to recognize something in someone else and to think that “I” have already cleared that issue. Sound familiar, if so, I have found that if the issue is coming up at all, that I definitely have more work to do. I have totally surrendered the idea that “I Know That”, or “I’ve Healed That”, or “I’ve Cleared / Released That”. Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. says we have to clean on everything because everything that we experience is a memory or data and without clearing we cannot get to zero. So, I also do Ho’Oponopono on each thing as I experience it as well. To learn more about Ho’oponopono and becoming a certified practitioner click here!

So, after much work and doing a G.P.S. process with my friend and colleague Dr. Tianna Conte, I thought I had gotten all of the messages from the injury and now the healing would only be a matter of time. The following day, as I was surrendering to the fact that I couldn’t use my right hand and knowing that I had work to do for clients, I got the final blessing from this accident. It came out of no where or so it seemed.

When I first started sharing my symbols with friends and then clients, spirit was clear that there was to be a component for each of our senses to give people a multi-sensory experience. Sound seemed to be a very important part, and I approached several people who created healing music and sound healing using their voice. I finally worked out something with my friend and colleague Misa Hopkins and her and I have co-created some projects, so imagine my surprise when the divine clearly told me that my voice is part of my healing abilities and that you will receive much greater healing support if I provide audio versions that guide you through the healing process. I was further guided to use video as a medium for creating a way to guide you through a healing process.

The funny thing about this whole new aspect is that when I first started drawing symbols, I tried to get professional artists to redraw them more perfectly. As each one turned me down they said my work was perfect the way it was. In looking deeper I discovered that I was still holding onto the belief my father instilled in me that I was not artistic. In fact I was going around saying I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, I’m so bad with artistic work. Well, in looking at this one closer, I realize that I had not healed an underlying belief about my voice, that came from my sister teasing me when we were kids that my voice sounded like “Donald Duck”.  So, I’m blessed now to know that my voice is part of my healing gift and you will be receiving more audio from me in the future, as I discover more about this part of my gift.

Remember there are blessing in everything that happens in our lives, if we are only open to see them. I bless my wrists (yes both of them) for the work they are doing as my right wrist is healing and my left wrist is doing more than it has ever had to do before. During this particular event, I’ve also found a new list of things I have taken for granted and began a practice of sending love to and thanking each part of my body, that keeps me alive and well.

I’d love your feedback and questions. Please share any stories you may have that helped you find a gift or a blessing in what seemed that a tragedy or disaster.

Metaphysical Anatomy

Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose

Heal Your Body

Heal Your Body by Louise L Hay

Key to Self Liberation by Christianne Beerlandt

Key to Self Liberation by Christiane Beerlandt

4 comments to An Accident Turned Blessing

  • Henry,

    Thanks for the compliment about my writing. You can definitely help other people in your first language, as many of them will not be able to understand English and will benefit from the message you have to share in your native language.

  • Vass,

    Love and prayers for your continued recovery. Would love to know if you purchase either of those books, what you think of them. I noticed that Christiane’s book must be out of print as the price on Amazon is way, way, way more than I paid.

  • Thank you so much you had shared your Accident story, and I am grateful you are ok!

    You are a great writer, I like, if I as same as you, I can help many people how to stay better health and how to create own extraordinary life style.

    Infortune, my second language so terrible!!

    Henry Hwang

  • Vass

    Blessings and thank y sooo much krystalya
    I broke my left wrist injure my spine since op and shoulder last year . Still recovering. I appreciate your feddback i relate and i too sent love to my body . I own LH book and will look at the other books you posted .

    Much love and light yr way

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