Praying for The Highest Good

There are Risks & Rewards when you Pray for the Highest Good.

I recently suggested that we all join James Twyman to meditate with the intention that the results of our election would be for our highest good. The risk is to do this, without any attachment to what you want the result to be, which is not an easy task, but frankly it can be rewarding if you are willing to look deeply for the good in everything.

self-empowerment by letting GoI firmly believe that it is always best to let go of the need to control by surrendering to what is in our Highest Good. That doesn’t mean that it is always easy to do, nor does it mean that I am always happy, at least initially with the result I get. What it is does mean for me is that it gives me an opportunity to learn and grow, especially if the answer is not the one I had hoped for or expected.

So, like many other times in my life, the answer I received this week, was not the answer I had hoped was in my highest good and the highest good of everyone on planet earth. In fact as I learned what it appeared would be the answer the world would receive, I fell asleep praying that when I awoke that things would be different.

I rarely get caught up in politics, but this year was very different. It wasn’t that I got caught up in the media or any of the information I received from a variety of sources. Instead for me it was very personal. To give you some background I’m going to share one of my most personal stories, that I have never told publicly.

In 1984 I met my soon to be Father-in-law, his name was Simon. Simon was a survivor of the Hitler atrocities during Nazi Germany. He had managed to survive being in the concentration camps, the death march and more. As I initially touched his hand when we were introduced, it was though a bolt of lightening went through my body, and I knew that I knew him (his soul) at a very deep level. Over the years, I came to realize that I had been Simon’s wife prior to WWII and that we had two children. I, along with our two children had been killed by the German Army when I attempted to escape as they were pushing everyone onto the train to take us to a concentration camp.

I can’t explain how I knew, I just knew. I never shared that with Simon, or my husband or anyone else, for the next 10 years. I believe that Simon knew as well, because the entire family always talked about how, Simon would not be doing well and we would announce that we were coming to visit and he would suddenly bounce back to life. When we would arrive, Simon would always want to go out jogging with me. Mind you at this point he was in his late 80’s. The entire family noticed the connection and frankly, I sensed that they were a bit jealous of our connection.

When my husband and I divorced in 1994, his father requested that he get to see me one more time. That’s when I sat my husband down and explained what I believed my connection to his father was and I believed that what his father needed to hear was that it was okay that he had never looked for his first wife and children after the war, because we had all died at the hands of the German Army. The message was to be a message of forgiveness, as I believe he lived his entire life feeling guilty for not looking for us.

As I explained this to my soon to be ex-husband, I also told him that I knew that now was not the time for me to go to see his father and that I would let him know when I felt it would be the right time. I also told him, that he would need to prepare the family, because his father would not live more than a few months after I meet with him, and shared with him the story above and that he could let go of his guilt.

It was more than 2 years later before I was guided to go to see Simon. At the time, I reached out to my ex-husband and told him, that I wanted his entire family to know that I wanted to see Simon and that I believed he would not live long after I saw him. My ex-husband decided to tell them, including his father, what I believed about our connection and that I was ready to see his father. I thought it was in our highest good to see each other, but in the end, the family decided I was a witch and Simon decided he didn’t want to see me. I was a bit surprised at how it was turning out, but Simon died within just a couple of months of this incidence and at his funeral the Rabbi said that my message of forgiveness was the best gift Simon could have received. You see it wasn’t about me seeing Simon it was about the message.

So, by now I’m sure you are wondering what this all has to do with our recent election and meditation for the highest good.

Well, when Donald Trump entered the race my initial reaction was that if he won the race he would become the US version of Hitler. So, it was very difficult for me to even consider meditating and intending the results of the race be what was the highest good for all involved. I knew though, just like in the above story, that I needed to follow my own truth, which is thaNuclear Explosiont it is always best to let go of any attempt to control and to surrender to whatever is highest and best.

As I awoke on the day after the election, it was as though spirit wanted to confirm my worst fears about the Donald… Because the local Nuclear Plant Evacuation Siren went off. In the past 4 years, I had never heard those sirens go off, so I immediately started checking on the Internet to see if I needed to evacuate as the sirens continued for about 10 minutes. As soon as the sirens stopped, I started to sob and I sobbed for most of the day. It actually wasn’t until the next day when I realized that the sirens were a past memory from Nazi Germany, which is what triggered me to sob uncontrollably.

To further affirm my worst fears about the results of this election, I received a phone call from a friend that one of our dearest friends had just been beaten in a North Carolina grocery store (in Wake Forest and affluent neighborhood), while witnesses stood by and did nothing. She was beaten because they thought she was gay. She is gay, but frankly the only reason she has short hair that might in some people’s mind make her look gay is because she had just finished a round of Chemotherapy as she had just beaten stage IV cancer for the third time. When the store manager came over to see what had happened and she asked that he call 911, he told her that she chose to be “Gay” and that she deserved what had happened and then turned and walked away. My friend ended up with several bruises on her face and a broken rib.

Whether this is or is not related to the election, isn’t the point. The point is that hatred and anger are rampant in our country just like it was in Nazi Germany.

So, you might ask… If Donald Trump is to be the US version of Hitler, why is that in our highest good? In my opinion he is the figure head that is awakening us to just how deep our anger, resentment and prejudices go in our country. And without this coming out in the many ways that I am certain it will, we will not heal these wounds.

For me, I believe it is our calling, for those that chose to take up this calling, to start the healing process through total and complete love for everyone, starting with the Donald and then with each and ever person who is a perpetrator of this anger, and destructive behavior such as my friend endured. Sometimes, things just have to get worse before they get better in order to awaken us to really change the world.

Angel of PeaceSo, my challenge to all of you, who are willing to join me, is to take at least 5 minutes per day, and send love to Donald Trump and to at least one perpetrator of hatred and violence that you hear about. You see  it has been my experience that anger and hatred is all about what that perpetrator fears, and the opposite of fear and love, the opposite of hate is love. The only way we can possible change the world, is to stop fighting against things we don’t like and instead feed them love and stop them in their tracks in that way.

It is also time for us to forgive our perpetrators and to send them love as well. The biggest changes I have experienced in my life and that I have seen in the lives of my clients is when they are willing to truly forgive their perpetrators and most importantly themselves.

As an article from Avaaz said:

“Sometimes in the darkest moments the brightest lights shine. Let’s make Trump a force that brings the world together, to fight for everything we love.”Love

I see this entire situation as a huge opportunity for us to come together and change the world one step at a time through the power of love and forgiveness.

Are you willing to take this challenge? I’d love your comments below. Let’s start a movement of Peace, Love, and Harmony in the US and then around the globe.

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