The Dangers in Aiming for Normal

Enjoy this lively conversations about “How attempting to fit in can be detrimental to your health, happiness and more!”

Here’s what you will learn as you listen in.

  1. What is normal and what’s the danger in making it your goal.
  2. The risk to your health when striving to fit in.
  3. How striving to fit in may affect your ability to succeed.
  4. What you can do to begin to tap into what will really “floats their boat”
  5. How your happiness is affected because of trying to fit in.
  6. What you can do to strengthen and develop your own path through life.

To access the Releasing Fear Krystagraphs and Process mentioned at the end of the program go here!

About My Guest Speakers

Reverend Cyndi Krupp

Reverend Cyndi Krupp has made it her life’s mission to be of service and to share her gifts with all those who are ready to step into their highest and best life. We can all live the life of our dreams and Cyndi is ready to show you how. to learn more about Cyndi Krupp visit:

Sue Fellows

Sue Fellows is healer, speaker and the host of the popular Your Inner Awakenings summit. To learn more about Sue Fellows visit:


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