Secrets to Overcoming Hypothyroidism, Weight Issues & Depleted Energy!

I have hypothyroidism, I feel tired and I’m significantly overweight.  What can I do to get lean and fit and have lots of energy?

First and foremost I want to say there is hope with both conditions and of course as I’m sure you are already aware they are both highly interrelated. The advice I’m about to provide you with should be done only in conjunction with your medical doctor’s support and recommendations.

In my opinion you will want to resolve the hypothyroidism and then work on the excess weight issue once you have resolved the problem with your thyroid.  Hypothyroidism typically causes most people to put on weight and to have lower energy. Once you have balanced out the thyroid, have your energy back, and your weight has stabilized you will want to work on the weight issue if it still exists.

Hypothyroidism means that your body is not producing enough thyroid hormones and in some cases it may mean that you are deficient in iodine.  You will want to have the appropriate tests performed by your doctor to determine whether your hypothyroidism is actually Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune thyroid disease or not.  Hashimoto’s can actually be improved by eliminating iodine from the diet .   I recommend that you consult with a physician to determine which form of hypothyroidism you may have.

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and for the next 30+ years I took a thyroid hormone supplement.  In the mid nineties I started changing much of what I was doing to a more natural holistic approach, and when I wanted to come off of my thyroid medication I was told that I could not be taken off of the medication and that I would have to take it for the remainder of my life.

In 2002 after receiving healing images for several ailments I asked for a healing symbol for my thyroid and made a decision to do the work I am suggesting that you consider doing in order to take myself off of my thyroid medication.  My doctor advised me against doing so but finally agreed to allow me to do so under her supervision and with the appropriate testing.  With my doctors blessing I have not needed to take thyroid medication since that time. Previously if I missed even one or two doses of the medication I became lethargic, while today most people comment about me being an “Energy Bunny”.

You see, I believe that all physical ailments have a root cause that should be addressed and hypothyroidism is no exception.  I’ve found, as have many others, that when we address the underlying cause of the disease the body innately heals itself. These root causes come in two forms. First the energy flow within the body, known as the chakra system and secondly the underlying emotional issue that caused you to shutdown the energy flow within the body.

In the case of hypothyroidism, the thyroid resides in the throat chakra area of the body and so therefore I would first recommend that you work on getting the energy flowing within that area of the body.  There are many techniques for opening and balancing the energy centers within the body.  In my case I have the gift of drawing images (healing symbols) that heal the body, including images specifically for working with the chakra system as well as specific health issues.  These symbols typically work within seconds to open the flow of energy within the body.  To access a copy of my newsletter which provides samples of some of the symbols, including the throat chakra symbol you can register by entering your name and primary eMail address in the box on the upper right side of this page.

Opening the throat chakra is only the first step in resolving the problem in that the energy will become blocked again if the underlying cause of the blockage is not resolved.  To discover the underlying cause you will want to consider the following as possibilities. My recommendation is to listen intuitively by paying close attention to how your body feels as you read and consider each of the following possibilities.  If you feel a tightness when reading one or more of these ideas, that may be your intuition providing you with feedback indicating your underlying cause to the problem.

In the case of hypothyroidism there is typically a feeling of giving up, feeling hopeless or stifled in some way.  There may be other underlying emotional causes such as feelings of being humiliated or never being able to do what you want to do, but instead always giving way to everyone else’s needs.  Do you find that you constantly put your own needs last?

You may also find that you avoid responsibilities by fleeing into idealized thoughts and dreams typically because you find life to be burdensome. Are you looking for refuge somewhere else?  Have you stopped participating in life?
Identifying and acknowledging the root cause of the problem is a big step in moving yourself forward in the healing process.  You will then want to do the emotional healing work necessary to release these issues and change your beliefs about yourself.

For the most part these feelings, emotions and beliefs became a part of us due to a variety of repeated issues that happened when we were small children at which time we decided based on our perspective what they meant.  You will need to recognize those beliefs and begin to change them.  This can be done through the use of various tools for releasing the emotional feelings and through the use of affirmations to change your core beliefs.

A few of the affirmations that you will want to consider are as follows.  Keep in mind though that an affirmation that does not directly target the underlying core belief will not get the result you are looking for.  It is important that your affirmations work to bring your beliefs forward from the current underlying belief.  An attempt to change your belief directly to what you want the new belief to be may not work.  For this reason I recommend that you bridge the beliefs in stages. To learn more about this and to uncover a very powerful, easy to use belief transformation process you can order my book One-Minute Energy Tune-up: Power Symbols for Balanced Energy by going:

Affirmations to Consider are:

  1. I feel safe being myself
  2. I trust the process of life
  3. I trust myself and my inner guidance
  4. I love myself totally and completely
  5. I create a new life that totally supports me
  6. I am important
  7. My needs are important
  8. I easily take care of my own needs
  9. I easily take time to nurture myself
  10. I am loveable

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  • Krystalya – thanks for providing such thorough information! I’ve had thyroid issues since age 3! I notice as I unravel the beliefs tangled up in the physical manifestation of low thyroid that many old patterns of feeling victimized come up into the light. Thank you so much for the wisdom you share.

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