Gifts for the Soul

Gifts for the Soul by Dawn E. Clark

Heal Your Body

Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay

Fastest, Easiest & Best Method of Soul Retrieval that I’ve experienced.

The best book I’ve read about why it’s important to be Selfish – in a Good Way!

My favorite book that explains why we attract the people and events in our lives that we do.

A must read if you truly want to learn to live in the Present Moment!

A quick guide to the underlying emotional causes of ailments

Key to Self Liberation by Christianne Beerlandt

Key to Self Liberation

An awesome book
that connects consciousness, spirituality and science.

An interesting book about the body’s need for water.  The author speaks about the many things that can be cured by simply drinking enough water

The tie between obesity, cancer, depression and dehydration

The most in depth resource that covers the psychological origins for over 1000 diseases. I consider this to be one of my top resources when working with clients

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