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Chakra Opening & Balancing Symbol© — opens up your energetic body to receive the full benefit of these healing energy symbols.

Love and Trust Symbol© — In order for any energy healing system to work, you have to be in complete trust that your body is a self-healing organism and love yourself enough to allow your energetic system and body to function at its peak.

Thymus Symbol© — This is where it happens when it comes to immune building. Many of us have compromised thymus glands due to stressful lives and years of poor diet. Yet, the thymus gland’s primary functions are protecting the body against infection and supporting the immune system. Are you frequently ill or do you often get infections? Your thymus just might need some attention

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E-book – One-Minute Energy Tune-up ~ Power Symbols for a Healthy Immune System© – Starter Pack. This downloadable ebook provides valuable instructions for using the Immune Builder symbols most effectively to ensure your greatest protection.

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