Living a Magical Life

An Empowered Life is a Magical Life

I was talking with a few different people this week and the theme, no matter who started the conversation all seemed to come full circle back to the concept of how people are looking for the “Quick Fix” or the “Magic Bullet”. The other theme was how often we have a hard time telling the difference between our Inner Voice and our Ego Voice. So, today I’m going to talk about how to live a magical life, but it doesn’t involve any quick fixes or magic bullets, instead I’ll be talking about living an empowered life.

MagicalFairyAngel One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is to look for the good in everything that happens in my life. Although I have to admit it isn’t always easy to look for the good, when it seems that everything has gone horribly wrong, if you dig deep enough you can find gold in that dirt, or a pony in that pile of manure. 🙂

It all began with a search for property for a retreat center.

In 2000 I left my corporate job and had over $1,000,000 (yes that is 1 Million Dollars) in investments. I thought I had it made and was looking forward to building a retreat center. Shortly after I left my job, I traveled to a small town just outside of San Antonio, Texas and I was guided to write notes in my journal about the perfect setting for the retreat center. I outlined carefully what the property would have. I shared a bit with the owner of the place I was staying at, who offered to introduce me to a local realtor. The realtor didn’t have time to meet me, so she asked me several questions and left an envelope in a box outside of her office, with details about properties that fit my description.

As I sat at dinner that night, reading through the property descriptions, each property seemed closer and closer to what I was looking for and the final one was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Except that the price was over $1,000,000 and I wasn’t about to spend my entire savings on my dream. So, I wrote a note on the back of the envelop that said “Dear God, Higher-Self, White Dove (one of my guides) and Angels, it is with love and gratitude in my heart that I am grateful that you have shown me the perfect property for the retreat center I desire to build. I ask you now to guide me to the right and perfect way to attract all of the funds that I need to purchase this property and establish the retreat center. This or something better for the highest good of all involved. I then surrendered and let go of the outcome and continued to visualize building the retreat center on that property.

The Solution or is it…

The following month, I flew to Michigan for a retirement party for a dear friend of mine and while visiting I stayed with another friend. My friend insisted that I go to a meeting nearby to hear about a business that she thought I would be interested in. I was skeptical, but decided to keep an open mind. I went to the meeting and was blown away by what I heard. It seemed almost too good to be true. There was something bothering me, yet logically it all seemed like the perfect answer. So, I decided to invite one of my closest friends, whom I thought would be the hardest person to sell on this idea, and I decided if he thought it was good, that I would sign up as well.

Well, he not only signed up, he had the paperwork filled out before I was able to complete my paperwork. I was now certain this was my answer. This would provide me with a solid residual income and would definitely bring in the funds to purchase the property. Or so I thought. Remember that I said, something was bothering me.

My friend started working and building the business as did I, until he attended a meeting a few months later and suddenly he dropped out totally. Being someone that is not a quitter, I continued to build the business. I invested money in the business, did trade shows, including a health trade show on a cruise ship and more.

After two years of travel and work, I was still not making the money I had expected and the owner of the business just kept telling us to keep building we’re getting close, etc. I began to get suspicious when one of the top leaders came to me and expressed concern, so I quietly started my own investigation. I investigated, while continuing to act as though I was working the business for a full year, at which time I was totally convinced that the owner was a con-man. I then went to the F.B.I. and went undercover for them for a full year, during which I recorded every meeting and conversation for them, on my own dime. When the F.B.I. didn’t take action I then hired a private investigator. And, suddenly after working so hard to build my dream, and then to stop this man, who had left a wake of destroyed lives and even suicides (as I found out in my investigations), I woke up to realize that I no longer had any money and couldn’t pay my mortgage payment.

The Pony

All of this because I ignored that original feeling, that original sense that something was wrong. So, you might wonder where the blessing is in this story. The blessing is the recognition that I ignored my intuition and learned a valuable lesson. I took what I learn about trusting my intuition to turned things around the year I discovered that I was financially broke.

The other thing I learned with this whole situation is how strong I am, how committed I am and how persistent I can be. I’ve carried those values into my life since that event and realized that they are awesome qualities if you really want to achieve your dreams. Yes, there are all types of ups and downs in life, but if you can take time to look for the lessons, and most importantly learn from the lessons and find the good in any negative event, you will live an empowered life, that is full of magic.

The financial turn around that I had the year that I discovered I was broke was full of intuitive guidance, that I did’t ignore, and the year was one of the most magical years of my life.

Here’s my definition of intuition and guidance from spirit. If the idea seems outlandish and irrational and yet you feel compelled to do it, that’s spiritual guidance, that’s intuition. Whether you are woke up and guided to go to your computer and search on something that gives you an answer to something you’ve been asking for or you are guided to take an outlandish next step, if it defies logic, it is most likely your intuition.

I’ll share more in upcoming posts as I walk you through the magic that happened the year I discovered I was financially broke.

Please ask questions or share your experience of guidance and insights below. You never know who may be inspired by reading your story or who else may have the same question as you do. I look forward to the dialogue.


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