The Power of Letting Go

If you are struggling to heal yourself, or you are wanting better relationships, a better job, greater wealth, or any other thing you may desire that seems elusive to you, than this may be the key you have been missing.

For years I did affirmations and visualization of the things that I desired and I got mixed results. When I lost all of my money in 2005 and didn’t know where my next meal was coming from or how I was going to pay the mortgage payment and utilities, I freaked. I tried doing affirmations and I tried visualization, and things got worse. My theory on this is that when you are that negatively charged no matter how positive you think you are, you probably are twice as much negatively focused in the deep recessed of your monkey mind.

I remember saying my affirmations and thinking yeah, right – that isn’t my reality at the moment. I remember the Liar, Liar song coming into my mind more than once, and pushing it away, but the thing is, that even though I pushed it away, it was still there haunting me. Does this sound like you?

That’s not to say that affirmations don’t work or that visualization doesn’t work, but what I am saying is that you have to be careful that the affirmations are 1) focused on baby steps from the core beliefs that you have, and not necessarily on the end result you want if you don’t believe it is possible. 2) that you are using positive words (get rid of un, not, less, etc.), 3) when visualizing be sure that your mind stays focused on seeing yourself having already achieved the goal and that you aren’t having doubts while doing the visualization.

Today  though I’m going to share the secret that finally allowed me, and now helps many of my clients, to receive abundant amounts of money to cover all of my debt and leave me with cash in the bank within 10 months. Not just a little cash either. 🙂

I surrendered! Yes, you read that right… I surrendered!!!

I stopped trying to make things happen! I stopped doing affirmations that my mind was questioning and instead changed them to something I knew I could achieve and by doing so I stopped fretting! I let go and let Source (God) handle it! I remember being so frustrated because things were just getting worse. I had given a group of people my time for a full year and when I pulled back and moved their legal funds to a safe place so that my creditors couldn’t get to their legal funds, I was accused of stealing $40,000. I had over $150,000 in credit card debt and more than that in Mortgage debt. My creditors were calling me multiple times per day and suddenly I just knew that I didn’t have the answers and that the only answers were going to come from Source.

To be honest everyone that knew what I was doing, which was “nothing”, thought I was being irresponsible and stupid, but truly I realized I didn’t have any answers and that was when I decided to surrender. In order to surrender to Source in this way the first step is to Open Your Chakras and pay attention to the issues that keep coming up in your mind. Although I was meditating regularly and clearing my chakras regularly, what I wasn’t doing, because I had allowed myself to be busy all of the time, was not noticing my mind chatter. When I started paying close attention, I realized that I had a belief that I was going to lose all of my money. So, I worked on that belief, instead of doing affirmations about having $10k per month of income, or $1 Million dollars per year, etc.

More importantly though, I moved into a state of “Trust” and asked Source for help and I listened and acted on the answers I received. Many of the things I was guided to do were not rational, yet by following those messages, I did things like put my house up for sale with an asking price that was more than $15,000 greater than the local realtors would take the listing at. Over the next 12 months, I was guided to increase the asking price 4 times and I sold the house in a “Cash” sale for $57,000 more than the Realtors original listing price.

The biggest key here is the idea of Trusting no matter how crazy the idea sounds. My realtor and friends all thought I had lost my mind and yet Source had better answers than they had. It’s important to build you “Trust Muscles” by “always” doing what you are guided to do. The thing is most of us are not sure what is guidance and what is ego, Right?

Well, I found myself struggling there too, so I came up with a system for receiving guidance. You see I don’t like to ask for signs, because then I have to interpret what the signs mean and if I’m in a fear state, I doubt that my interpretation will be all that accurate. So, I instead give Spirit clear directions as to what sign means what. Let me give you an example. When spirit told me to set the asking price of the house to $225k, I did and when my realtor friend called and told me I was crazy and that he wouldn’t list the house for more than $208k, I asked spirit for guidance in this say. If my friend Jane called me before midnight that would mean that my price of $225k was the correct asking price and if she’d didn’t call that was an indication that I should lower it. Now, keep in mind that you “MUST NOT” have any idea whether Jane will or will not call, in fact I like to make the suggestions outlandish and very unlikely to happen, so I pick someone I don’t talk to frequently and have not left any messages for.

For this process to work it is crucial that you “Trust” the answers and act on the answers, keeping in mind that even if things don’t go the way you thought they would, that they have gone in a way that is in “Your Highest Good”. In fact I always ask for guidance by including a statement such as “whatever is in My Highest Good and the Highest Good of Those Involved.

I have found that when I decide to act differently than the answers I was given that thing don’t work out well. Yet, when I get some outlandish guidance and I follow it, things always seem to work out better than I could have ever imagined.

One of the two main symbols that I use on a daily bases is the “Love and Trust” symbol which is included for Free in my newsletter. If you haven’t already signed up, you’ll find it on the upper right corner of this page. The other symbol I use is called “Letting Go”, which is available for purchase as an individual symbol and is includes in my prosperity program as well. Setting intentions, letting go or your attachment to the end result and trusting the guidance you receive is the real key to achieving your dreams, but only if you act on that guidance. Remember these steps work for improving any area of your life.

I’d love to know what your experience has been with manifesting, in any area of your life (health, relationships, financial abundance or some other area) and would be happy to answer questions, if you wish to make a comment below.

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