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What would it be worth to you... to have simple tools to consciously create the abundance and prosperity you desire?

It's a fact... 

  • 98% of all money is held by 2% of the entire worlds population...

  • Most people need to work 2 jobs just to pay their bills...

  • The average person who works a 9 to 5 job will retire broke...

  • Many People with Inspirational Gifts that Could Change the World Haven't got the Money to Get Their Message to the World...

  • Most People with Spiritual Based Messages have Core Beliefs that It is Wrong to Make Money with Their Gifts...

If you can relate to any one of the above facts...

Join me as I share my secrets for manifesting prosperity and abundance in your life in my 7 week audio program...

"7 Steps to Prosperity & Abundance"

Before another year goes by of broken goals and commitments - make 2008 your year to break the barriers of prosperity!

Share Your Gifts with the World and Make Money Doing What You Love!

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Money is Power... 

To Do Great Things in the World You Must have Money! Even Mother Theresa knew how to use the power of money to make a difference! 


Join me, Krystalya Marie', to learn how you can discover the real cause of your money problems and live the rest of your life with prosperity and abundance beyond your imagination!!

If You are Looking for a Silver Bullet for Making a Million Dollars Overnight...

An Instant Way to Win a Million Dollar Lottery...

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Join me, Krystalya Marie', as I guide you through an in depth exploration of the various blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals and desires as I share my special symbols and processes for creating prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life during this 7 week audio program called...

7 Steps to Prosperity & Abundance!

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In this class you will learn how to...

Monitor your thoughts and beliefs that are causing you to unconsciously creating your current reality.

increase your ability to receive just by wearing a symbol or keeping it close to you in your work environment.

During this 7 week audio program you will:

Be guided on an in depth exploration of how your energy affects your bank account!

Discover how to identify the core beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your goals!

Learn how you can change those beliefs into strong supportive beliefs in just one brief session!

Discover how to stay in-tune with spiritual guidance so that you always act on the guidance that is available to you!

Learn how to create the dream life you have always desired!


Ask yourself…..

How long are you willing to wait to achieve your dreams and desires?
How many commitments and goals have you made and not kept?
What is truly blocking you from being, doing and have the life you desire?
What is keeping you from having the abundance & prosperity your desire?
What would you do if you had more money?


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Here's what Michele Blood Has to Say...


And what if you could…

Have all your dreams fulfilled?
Help to Change the World with Your Special Message?
Help Others without Any Concern for Your Own Financial Well Being?
Create the lifestyle you desire and fall in love with yourself?
Have symbols and techniques you can reuse as often as you need too?


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And if you gave yourself the gift of living your dream life...

Energetically support and maintain abundance & prosperity
Make a one time purchase that will last a lifetime
Support your ability to manifest your desires even when new issues come up before they manifest into something other than your real desires.


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Here's what you can expect when you purchase this course:


Learn how to write more powerful affirmations
Symbols specific to manifesting abundance and prosperity, such as financial success, infinite abundance & prosperity, passive income.
Processes that you can easily do in just a few minutes to release any emotional issue that is blocking you from achieving your dreams

This course is delivered to you weekly over a 7 week period of time and includes 7 weeks of audio (each approximately 90 minutes), symbols for each of the process and slides so that you can follow along and make notes.  Now Only $197.00.



Order NOW for only $197.00
(delivered weekly)



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P.S.  If you want to
create your dream life and live prosperously...

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Order NOW for only $197.00
(delivered weekly)



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