Getting Unstuck

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t making the changes that you know you want and need to do to change your health, relationships, financial situation and more? I’m often asked…

“I know what I need to do for my health and higher good but don’t do it. How do I change this?”

Most of us have patterns like this that we never seem to break. Awareness of the pattern is key and a good start for making real changes in your life.

Here are a few simple tips to help you move forward and change the pattern of not doing what you know would be good for you to do.

First you have to remember that nothing happens over night, even miracles are in the making sometimes for years before the sudden miracle happens. I liken it to the Internet Marketers that rave about making a Million Dollars overnight. What they don’t tell you is how many failures they had before that night. They also don’t tell you how long it took to create the relationships they created to get partners to promote their program that night, etc.

When I used a Krystagraph to remove the lump from my breast, I liken that to a miracle, and yet, I spent over a year doing healing work on my own as well as with other practitioners before my gift of drawing symbols came to me. It was a journey well worth taking and yet it wouldn’t have happened without doing the steps necessary to get me to that point. If I had just hoped that the lump would go away, rather than take one step at a time, I wouldn’t be here writing this article right now.

Most of us set goals that feel totally unreachable. In fact they can seem insurmountable and overwhelming, and so, we don’t take any action at all.

So, the first step is to set mini goals that will lead you to the bigger goal. For instance if your are wanting to lose 100 lbs and your experience has been that you never take action, because your goal is too big then break it down, not just in smaller weight goals, but take it one step further. Ask yourself, what things will I need to do to lose the weight? Maybe it’s dietary changes, maybe you’ll also want to change your mindset, or look at the deeper underlying beliefs about your excess weight, or maybe you’ll want to implement a workout plan, or most likely you’ll want to do all of these.

About now is when most people start to get overwhelmed, they know they have to change their diet, work on their mindset and start an exercise program, and yet it suddenly becomes such a big overwhelming task that even if you did start all of those things tomorrow, by the end of the week (or possibly you’ll make it for two or three weeks) you start slacking off and eventually you aren’t making any changes at all, in fact you are right back where you started from.

But what if you took all 3 of those areas and committed to make 1 change in just one of those areas until it stuck, then shifted to the next area and made a commitment to make one change in that area, until it stuck, and so on. Now, you will be making progress, it may seem slow and you may feel as though you’ll never reach your goal, but over time the accumulated changes start to make real and positive change in your life.

One of the primary keys is to take action. Not just any action though, but “Inspired Action”. Do what you feel guided to do that feels like the next step to get to your goal. In my case my goal was for the lump to leave my breast naturally, without any intervention by western medicine. So, I initially did all of the healing work I had learned and was using with clients. When that didn’t work, I asked for further guidance and went to one healer, after the next, each giving me a piece of what was needed for me to get to the next step. Eventually, I went to a Medical Intuitive, who after seeing her for some time, saw the symbols floating in my aura and suggested that I draw them. We don’t typically know what is going to be the next best step, but if we get quiet and listen, it will be shown to us.

So, one might wonder, how do you know if it is inspired action? Inspired action is action taken based on a feeling that it is the next step to take toward your goal. It might come in the form of the same thing happening multiple times, yet seemingly from different sources. It might come in a dream, or during meditation, or something said by a friend or total stranger that causes you to realize what step to take next. One of my friends leaves the television on in the background knowing that she will get the message from something that is said. She doesn’t actually watch the shows at all, she just knows she’ll hear what she needs to and frankly she lives a life of abundance with ease and grace by following those nuggets of information and steps.

When laying out your mini goals use that inner guidance to help you determine what is the next step to move forward. Going back to the weight loss process. When you look at your diet, your exercise (or lack their of) and your mindset, check in to see which is impeding you the most and keeping you from your goals. For most of my clients we find that mind-set is the first place to start, because once you can stop the negative mind chatter, and start thinking more positively about your goal the faster everything else begins to fall into place.

When it comes to mindset, I recommend that you journal about what you feel about yourself and the situation and see what insights come up there first. You can also use the Straight Path to Core Beliefs, Krystagraph to help you get to the deep core issues. You’ll find that symbol in all of my books. Pay attention also to your dreams, and other messages as mentioned above. Ask a friend to reflect back what they hear you repeating about yourself. If you want to lose weight but you just keep saying, I’m big, fat and ugly, guess what you’ll continue to do whatever it is to make yourself feel, big, fat and ugly. Under all of those layers of fat is a beautiful person, hiding out. Start seeing him or her and start honoring that beauty. Or just look in the mirror and start seeing how beautiful you are, just as you are.

Once you determine what you want to change regarding your mindset, use the Krystagaphs and follow the process in my books for changing your beliefs. You can check them out by going here: Power Symbols for Self-Love or Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

Making changes in other areas will become easier as you start to change your mindset. I recommend journaling, muscle checking and/or dowsing to determine what steps to take next. You’ll find complete instructions for muscle checking in my book Power Symbols for Balanced Energy. Make statements that will give you a simple yes or no answer. For example if you are working to lose weight and you want to cut down on the amount of sugar you are eating and you have 5 sugary snacks that you eat daily, ask yourself which one would be in your highest good to cut out of your diet at this time. If you are concerned that you can’t stay clear when checking, write all 5 on index cards turn them upside down and shuffle them. Then muscle check or dowse each to get the answer. If you get 2 or more yes, then ask for a priority. Remember make one change at a time, little steps will give you big results.

Whether it’s weight loss, a health goal, a relationship goal or a financial goal you can follow the same process, to determine the various areas that need to shift. In my opinion, no matter which goal you are working on your mind-set is key to your success. Self-sabotage starts with how you feel and what you believe about your ability to succeed.

Please be sure to post your questions and comments below. Remember if you have a question probably other people have that same question, so by posting your comments and question you no only help yourself, you are helping others as well.

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