The Joy of Giving

Giving is not just about the person receiving the gift, it as much about the joy the giver feels. Sometime back I went to an event and the speaker told us that we were not allowed to say anything but “Thank You”, when someone gave us a compliment. You see most of us feel obligated to say something nice back to the person, and yet by doing so you are minimizing their gift to you. You are taking away the joy they will receive by giving to you and seeing you receive that gift. It really struck me and opened me up to receive without feeling as though I had to give back. I see and hear the joy the giver gets when they see me receive openly. It doesn’t mean that I don’t give them a gift at some time, but the difference is that when I give that gift, it is totally given from the heart versus being given from the need to give in return.

Feel the joy that these people received by giving.

Before watching this, get the tissues out!


You may not be able to help “Secret Santa” hand out $100 bills to people in need, like these man did.

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