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I stopped watching Television, as a habit, back in the early 1980’s. My primary reason at the time was that it seemed that most of the shows were just a new script for a similar story and at the end of the evening I felt that my time had truly been wasted. I stopped watching the late night news in particular, because I found myself lying awake thinking about all of the wars and tragic events I had just viewed and although I didn’t have nightmares about them, they definitely kept me from falling asleep. I just kept thinking about all of the horrible things going on and I was frustrated because I didn’t know what I could do to change the world.

So, when my friend and colleague, Lisa Marie, (no we are not blood sisters – yes we are soul sisters) told me that she was working with a team to create a TV show  where new thought leaders could share their messages of inspiration and hope, I got really excited. The show is being done in a similar format to “The View” with four hosts and a guest.

They just completed the filming of their pilot shows with Jack Canfield as one of the guests and Jeff Gignac as another guest. In order to get the show onto mainstream television, they need to show that people like you and I care and want to have a choice on TV that is making a “Real Difference” in people’s lives. So, Jeff Gignac just posted a cool offer that I had to pass on to you

You see they don’t really need money at this point, but what they do need is social proof that people want something new and refreshing like “WakeUp TV”. So, Jeff is offering you his new audio made with 400 year old Tibetan singing bowls called “Financial Clearing” if you donate, just $1.00. The more donors they have the more social proof they have for the large networks to take the show seriously. So, it’s not about the money, it’s about the number of donors.

You can see how to claim your Financial Clearing audio and how to donate by going here!

So, I decided to make the offer even juicier… If you donate $2.00 I will send you a copy of my ebook One-Minute Energy Tune-Up~Power Symbols for Self-Love, which has previously only been available in my larger ticket packages. All you need to do is follow the instructions on Jeff’s page to make the donation and email a copy of the receipt to him (as outlined on his web page) and to me at: “Free Self Love Ebook (at) Empowered Spirit (dot) com”. You will of course need to replace the (at with @) and the (dot with a period) and remove the blanks, in order to format the email address correctly.

You are also welcome to share this offer with everyone you know that is ready “To Be the Change They Want to See in the World”. Join me along with other thought leaders to show mainstream media, that we want to see a change on TV now!

I recently interviewed WakeUp TV host, Natalie Ledwell and WakeUp TV CEO, Adryenn Ashley as they share the vision of the show. You can listen to that interview here:

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