Look into Her Eyes

I don’t know about you… All I had to do was take one look into this beautiful little girl’s eyes and I said yes. How about you? Will you say yes to her too?



Helping others during the holiday season is always something that brings me great joy. Another is the Joyful Smile a Child Shares on Christmas when they see their gifts under the Christmas tree.

And another thing I love about the Holiday is listening to Christmas Music (I have a huge collection of Christmas Albums)!  🙂

You can help put a smile on a child’s face by going here now!

You see, my good friend Rick Beneteau (co-founder of 10 Million Clicks for Peace) recently told me how I could get a new Double Christmas album for only $9.95 and help Santa buy gifts for kids in need, and you guessed it…

I jumped right in and I’m inviting you to do so too. This is your opportunity to feel the joy of putting a smile on the face
of a child.

Check it out here – you even to get to hear samples of Jules music (I think you’ll love putting a smile on these kids faces and you’ll love the music too!

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