Create Your Own Holiday Miracle

This holiday miracle video inspired me to ask…

Wouldn’t you feel wonderful if you created a Holiday Miracles for Kids that just might not have the same opportunity as you do? Well, here’s your opportunity…

The Magical MP3 is the perfect way to help kids in need and receive a gift as well. 

When you contribute just $9.95, you’ll receive the Magical MP3 and  I’ll give you 3 symbols worth $75, just for helping out. The symbols are Love and Gratitude, Opening to Receive and Infinite Abundance and Prosperity.


I’ve partnered with Jules and created a version of his Magical Mp3, that has my version of Ho’oponopono as a silent subliminal track hidden, behind his Christmas Music.  The subliminal statements on this beautiful Christmas Album are: “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Forgive You, I Love You”!

When you purchase a copy of the Magical MP3, all profits from the sale will go to Sparky’s Toy Drive and you’ll receive both gifts from me.

  1. The subliminal Ho’oponopono version of this beautiful Christmas music
  2. 3 Symbols including an ebook as follows: Love and Gratitude, Opening to Receive and Infinite Abundance and Prosperity

Get your Magical MP3 and the 2 bonus gifts by going here!

Then send a note by going here to claim you 2 extra bonus gifts and you’ll receive them in a separate email. 

The only question left… Will you help?SocialMediaImage3

After you purchase the Magical MP3 – remember to Go Here! And send us a message to receive your 2 bonus gifts.



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